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  1. Ford F-150 EV Prototype Tows Over 1 Million Pounds

    2021+ Ford F-150 EV Videos
    I'm sure most of us have seen this before but here's the video of the F-150 EV prototype towing over 1 million pounds worth of freight train cars.
  2. Ford F-150 EV Frunk

    2021+ Ford F-150 EV General Discussion Forum
    In December, patent photos from Ford surfaced that give us an early look at what the F-150 EV's frunk will look like. From Car and Driver: The electric F-150's frunk will be accessible without even opening the hood. The extra cargo space can be accessed by opening up the front grille. It...
  3. Ford F-150 EV Specs

    2021+ Ford F-150 EV General Discussion Forum
    I've doing my best to find as much info on the F-150 EV's specs as I can so far, but there's not much from the articles that I've read. All that I've found so far is: From a design standpoint it should look similar to the ICE version based on spy photos. Range should be at least 300 miles...
  4. Ford F-150 EV Pre-Order Thread

    2021+ Ford F-150 EV Dealers, Prices And Orders
    It's only going to be a matter of time before dealers start accepting pre-orders for the F-150 EV. So I'm going to start this thread as a place to keep track of pre-order information and things like reservation numbers. Who is planning on placing a pre-order once they open?
  5. Ford F-150 EV Price

    2021+ Ford F-150 EV Dealers, Prices And Orders
    There hasn't been an official price from Ford yet for the F-150 EV but there have been a couple of numbers throw out by different news outlets. InsideEVs are guessing that it will have a starting price under $100,000. This is the biggest unknown. Surely a pickup truck is expensive and the...
  6. Ford Temporarily Suspends European Production in Response to Coronavirus

    2021+ Ford F-150 EV News
    Ford has announced that they are temporarily suspending European Production in response to Coronavirus. Here's the full announcement from their website:
  7. Ford F-150 EV Release Date

    2021+ Ford F-150 EV Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Ford hasn't officially announced the release date for the F-150 EV but it's been reported that we can see it as early as 2021. Automotive News Canada reported the news last September while going through Ford's overall EV plan. DETROIT — After years of heavy investment and one forgettable...
  8. Very excited for the electric F-150!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone! For the past year or so I've been really getting into EVs and when I heard Ford was making a F-150 EV I got very excited. Ford's investment in EVs has been very impressive, especially their partnership with Rivian. I'm very interested to see how much Rivian influences the F-150...